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How to Reduce Ozone Emissions in Cannabis Grow Rooms

ozone emissions in cannabis grow roomsAs the cannabis industry grows, competition between grow rooms increase. Distributors investigate which grow rooms produce the highest quality cannabis. This competition is healthy and results in high quality cannabis for consumers. However, growers are met with the challenge of keeping their grow rooms clean and free from PM in order to keep the quality of their product high. Every grow room manager should create a methodology that will keep a grow room free of PM and other diseases without there being harmful side effects like ozone emissions from machinery.

Where Ozone Emissions Begin

Some air filters and cleaners can reduce PM and bacteria that can infect your plants. Unfortunately, it can come with side effects. Some of these air cleaners can produce ozone emissions that can be very harmful to plants and cause major respiratory issues in anyone who enters the grow room. Your process and methodology of eliminating PM should include avoiding potentially harmful ozone emissions from air filters.

Using a highly functional air purifier and sanitation system instead of an air filter, is the best decision if a grower desires to produce the highest quality product possible.

An air purifier and sanitation system exists that produces no harmful ozone emissions, kills PM, mold and other fungal diseases without causing harm to your plants and workers.

How Using AiroClean420 Can Help Eliminate Ozone Emissions

The best way to avoid harmful ozone emissions is to make sure you understand exactly what you are getting with your air sanitation system – and to understand how the system actually cleans the air. An easy choice would be the AiroClean420 air purification system – which does not produce or use any Ozone or other toxic gases/chemicals.

Installing an AiroClean420 unit in your grow room will eliminate PM, bacteria and other fungal diseases without producing harmful ozone emissions.

What makes our system so powerful? It uses technology created for NASA for use on a space shuttle in plant growth experimentations. This space-age technology is powerful, effective, and can provide you with the no ozone emission environment you need while killing PM.

Why our technology Air Sanitation Is Better

AiroClean420 works by using an advanced system of titanium dioxide to treat air and purify it naturally. A powerful fan pulls air through the system. As the air flows through, the unit eliminates contaminants like PM, fungal disease, spores and bacteria. This means your filter doesn’t need frequent changes like a carbon air unit would and can last for years without malfunction. All this, without harmful ozone emissions. This promotes the higher air quality necessary for a maximum high-quality yield in your cannabis crop. As a bonus, it is also an efficient system that will reduce your grow room’s energy usage.

Reduce Your Ozone Emissions in Your Grow Room

It is important to take preventative steps to eliminate ozone emissions in cannabis grow rooms as much as possible. With the help of our high-quality air purifier, your grow room can have no emissions and be a safe place for both you and your cannabis plants.

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