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Creating Cleaner Air for Your Crops

Creating cleaner air quality for your cannabis crops

Green, growing, and vital – that’s what you want for your cannabis crops. However, just a little negligence in one aspect of your grow space can take that away and cause all kinds of headaches. Air quality is the critically important, often-overlooked secret to a thriving cannabis crop. For the right air quality, you need something more effective than a standard air filter. You need something that eliminates fungus, minimizes gasses, and destroys viruses and bacteria. Read on to discover the power of Airoclean 420.

Fight the Top Threat to Your Crop

Fungus is an insidious threat. It comes in on people, tools, and the air itself. You’ll spot it when it’s already too late – a grey or white dust on your cannabis means powdery mildew has settled in and is trying to take over. You need to eliminate the spores before they get anywhere near your plants. With the power of photocatalytic oxidation, Airoclean 420 protects your crops from powdery mildew before it becomes a problem.

Eliminate Harmful Gasses

Secondly, your plants need safe, clean air just like you do. Some purifiers use harmful chemicals, or generate noxious gasses that can impact the quality and integrity of your grow. Airoclean 420 doesn’t generate any ozone or hydrogen peroxide – just pure air. Airborne threats are converted into harmless trace elements, carbon dioxide, and water vapor.

Stopping Viruses and Bacteria

Finally, you’ll be able to breathe easier in your facility. Airoclean 420 stops not only fungal pathogens, but viruses and bacteria as well. It uses technology Developed for NASA to eliminate those kinds of biological threats. It’s even FDA-certified as a medical device – providing powerful purification that benefits everyone.

Discover the Power

So don’t take chances with an inferior filter – get powerful air purification for your facility. See the difference that Airoclean 420 can make, reach out for a quote. Once you start seeing results from cleaner air in your cannabis crop, you’ll know that air quality was the secret element your plants needed all along.

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