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Organic Methods to Stop Powdery Mildew on Marijuana Plants

Stop Powdery Mildew on MarijuanaOrganic cannabis crops are a growth industry. Just as organic farming has transformed agricultural production in the United States, cannabis will soon follow. Getting ahead of this trend may be an effective way to solidify your brand recognition and grow your business. One of the downsides to growing organic cannabis is the need to protect your plants from threats. Finding effective, organic methods to stop powdery mildew on marijuana plants will allow you to cultivate the best organic cannabis in your area.

Potential for Organic Cannabis Crops as a Growth Industry

In agriculture, American consumers have greater trust in organic products than their conventionally grown alternatives. When it comes to marijuana, growers can piggyback off of the goodwill consumers feel about organic products in general.

There are several reasons to grow organic cannabis. The first is that marijuana has great potential as a treatment for certain medical conditions. People using marijuana for medical purposes tend to be even more vigilant about its provenance. Organic marijuana is less likely to contain harmful compounds that could exacerbate a disease process. Additionally, socially conscious consumers often turn to organic cannabis as a way to reduce their environmental footprint. These consumers worry about the impact of fungicides on human health and the well being of the planet.

Organic Methods to Stop Powdery Mildew on Marijuana Plants

One of the greatest concerns for growers of organic cannabis is how to stop powdery mildew on marijuana plants. Powdery mildew is perhaps the biggest plant pathogenic threat for marijuana. While it is treatable through heavy application of fungicides, these chemicals make it impossible for growers to market their products as organic. Although no regulatory body currently governs the use of the “organic” label for cannabis, these regulations are likely to begin within the next few years. Thus, organic growers must comply with industry best practices, including avoidance of chemical fungicides.

Application of liquid antifungal solutions has long been offered as a way to stop powdery mildew on marijuana plants. For example, solutions of sodium bicarbonate or potassium bicarbonate mixed with water are said to reduce the spread of powdery mildew. Other growers spray milk onto their plants. The major limitation to these methods is that they cannot remove powdery mildew spores from the air in the growing environment.

Air purification is the most effective way to stop powdery mildew on marijuana plants. AiroClean420 remains the best available product to stop powdery mildew on marijuana plants. This unique technology captures spores from the air and immediately neutralizes them. Talk to us today to learn how we can help your organic business.

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