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How an Air Purification System Can Stop Powdery Mildew on Edibles

stop powdery mildew on ediblesIn the first year that marijuana was legalized for recreational use in Colorado, sales approached 5 million marijuana-infused edible products, according to the state’s Marijuana Enforcement Division. Edibles represent a huge market share, with dispensaries and cannabis producers consistently looking for high-quality cured marijuana to create cannabis oil or other infused products. Producing a top quality product is essential to promote a thriving demand for your cannabis edibles, making it important to stop powdery mildew on edibles to preserve your harvest.

Why Quality is Paramount for Marijuana Edibles

Edibles have become an increasingly popular way to consume marijuana for a variety of reasons. One reason is that edibles are discreet. From gummies to teas to brownies, marijuana edibles are made in consumer-friendly packaging that do not draw attention to their use. Another common reason for the popularity of marijuana edibles is that they do not require smoking marijuana. Some users have a sensitivity to smoking, and other medical marijuana users worry about the health side effects of smoking. Marijuana edibles give consumers an opportunity to benefit from the THC and other cannabinoids in cannabis without potentially irritating their respiratory system.

With the high demand for marijuana edibles, quality is paramount. Medical marijuana users represent a high market share of the edibles industry, and these users have a stringent eye for quality. Any factor that could affect health, such as the presence of a mold or fungus, must be eliminated from marijuana edibles. Thus, it becomes important for growers to understand how powdery mildew affects marijuana edibles and how to stop powdery mildew on edibles before it spreads.

How Powdery Mildew Affects Marijuana Edibles

Powdery mildew is not caused by a single type of fungus. Rather, several species of fungi can lead to the distinctive white, powdery appearance of this cannabis plant disease. Growers most commonly recognize the effects of powdery mildew in the vegetative and flowering stages of marijuana growth. In these stages, powdery mildew may begin to form on the leaves of plants, appearing as a tiny spot of white powdery that soon spreads to engulf the plant. Powdery mildew soon spreads to the stems and buds of the plant, which can kill the plant and contaminate your cannabis product.

Unfortunately, you are not out of the woods once your cannabis buds are harvested. The powdery mildew spore does not care if buds are attached to a living plant or placed in a curing room. Powdery mildew spores floating through your marijuana production environment can infect buds that have been harvested and are drying. Additionally, even tiny amounts of powdery mildew on living plants can destroy the quality of your final product after harvest. This gives paramount importance to the need to stop powdery mildew on edibles before it negatively affects the quality of your consumer product.

How an Air Purification System Can Stop Powdery Mildew on Edibles

Growers have long experimented with ways to stop powdery mildew on edibles. Although fungicides and sprays have some effectiveness on living plants, these are more difficult to use on drying buds. Additionally, the application of chemical fungicides could be potentially toxic or harmful to human health. Finding an all-natural way to destroy powdery mildew on edibles is important for growers invested in the market for high-quality edibles.

Use of an air purification system is the best way to stop powdery mildew on edibles. This is because air purification does not simply try to stop powdery mildew once it has already affected your harvested crop. Instead, it prevents powdery mildew spores from taking hold in the first place. This is achieved through use of a powerful reactor that takes in ambient air, destroys all living pathogens, and returns the sanitized air to your environment. AiroClean420, the top air purification system for marijuana growers, is effectively deployed in grow and curing rooms.

An air purification system such as AiroClean420 remains the top choice for growers looking to stop powdery mildew on edibles. We work on an individual basis with marijuana producers to create air purification systems customized to your production environment. This includes air purification in your harvesting and curing rooms, allowing you to stop powdery mildew on edibles before this fungus can destroy your product.

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