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What Are Long Term Solutions for Preventing Gray Mold on Cannabis?

gray mold on cannabisMarijuana growers have been looking for the best way to fight gray mold on cannabis for years. Until recently results of fighting this disease have not been good. Once it has infected your plants, gray mold, also known as bud rot or Botrytis Cinerea, can be almost impossible to eliminate.

Thankfully, now there is a way to keep it from getting anywhere near your plants. Read on to find out how.

What Is Gray Mold?

Gray mold is a potent fungal disease that looks like a grayish white powder. It thrives in areas with high humidity and cool-to-moderate temperatures. It first appears on plants as a whitish powder that soon turns gray.

The fungal spores are usually spread through the air, although people and animals can also spread them. Anything that touches an infected plant can carry the spores to a new plant. Water traveling from one plant to another can even spread it.

Gray mold is often dormant, which prevents it from being eradicated. It needs ready access to nutrients before it awakens and spreads. Old leaves or plant wounds provide easy access to those nutrients. Other conditions that promote growth are a crowded growing environment and high humidity. Cool temperatures of under 70 degrees also promote growth.

What You Should Do If You Find It

This is one scary threat. If undetected, gray mold can ruin a grow room full of cannabis in less than 24 hours. Signs of infestation are a leaf or portion of a flower that has turned gray or becomes sticky or webbed. Your safest bet if this happens is to carefully remove the entire infected plant, not just the infected leaves or buds, from the growing area.

Make sure not to allow the infected plant to come in contact with clean plants during removal. It’s best to cover the entire plant with a large plastic bag beforehand. After you’ve removed the plant, make sure you sterilize all your tools and other equipment before re-using. Also, be sure to thoroughly wash your hands and clothes.

Long Term Solution – Stopping Gray Mold Before It Gets Near Your Plants

The best long-term solution for fighting gray mold is to stop it before it gets within infecting distance of your plants. How? Since fungals are primarily spread through the air, setting up a good air purification system is the answer.

The AiroClean420 is an excellent air cleaning solution. Setting one up in your growing environment is a great way to completely eliminate your gray mold problem. The device uses NASA air-scrubbing technology to completely remove all fungals and any other pathogens from the air before they can get near your plants.

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