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Is There Mold in Your Grow Room?

is there mold in your grow room?

The very best protection from mold in your cannabis grow room is prevention. But, how do you know prevention is necessary? Mold can come in from anywhere – making prevention a necessary part of any grow – but for testing purposes you can find out how much mold is actually hanging around in your space. Find out how you can detect mold, mildew, and fungus, and how AiroClean420 will keep you protected 24/7.

How to Detect Mold in Your Grow Room

A standard, do-it-yourself mold testing kit might tell you a little bit about the spores in your air, they’re widely available and easy to use – but they aren’t designed for large spaces. You want professional results. Professional mold detection services include impaction sampling, cassette sampling, and other advanced methods, and you get an extremely accurate, reliable result. A professional service will also be able to cover rooms of much larger sizes than DIY methods. Preparing your grow room for testing is usually simple, but guidelines will vary by company. In any space, you’ll find that mold is present – and regardless of your results, you don’t want fungal spores to reach significant levels. That’s why managing and eliminating mold spores is paramount to keeping mold out of your grow room and off your plants.

Killing Airborne Mold Spores

There are methods for managing and killing mold spores, and mitigating your risk of mold. Smaller, separate grow spaces are easier to control than large ones – but even lower relative humidity levels and mold-conscious temperature changes still may not be enough. Air sanitation is the simple, comprehensive answer to airborne mold spores in a grow room. Even in large, open indoor grow spaces – plants are much safer under an AiroClean420 air sanitation system. It’s because AiroClean420 isn’t simply mitigating mold growth – it’s killing the spores before they can even land.

PCO Technology

The technology inside AiroClean420 is what sets it apart. Photocatalytic oxidation (PCO) is the name of the process that kills airborne mold, mildew, fungus, bacteria, and viruses inside the sealed reaction chamber in every unit. Air passes into the chamber, carrying airborne organic particles, and a series of high-intensity PCO lamps activate a catalyst bed below as the air passes over and through dozens of catalyst rings. Hydroxyl radicals, bound to the catalyst and generated from the reaction, collide with and destroy the organic particles. It reduces the fungal, bacterial, and viral threats in the air to trace amounts of carbon dioxide and water vapor – circulating only pure air out into your grow room.

Destroy Mold in Your Grow Room, Protect Your Plants

Whether or not you’ve detected mold in your grow room – investing in air quality for your plants, your employees, and yourself is budget well-spent. Discover the difference that a comprehensive air sanitation system can make for your facility and peace of mind. Reach out today to learn more about AiroClean420.

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