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Cannabis Infestation Prevention with AiroClean420

Cannabis infestation prevention with Airoclean 420

What if you could stop a costly fungal infestation of your cannabis before it even started? Powdery mildew, gray mold, blight – all of these diseases and more can be stopped with a single solution, but you need to protect your plants through every stage of their growth cycle to be sure. Luckily, with AiroClean420, you can! Read on and learn more about the cannabis infestations that AiroClean420 can stop, and how you can prevent them in every stage of growth – or if you’d prefer to hear about it directly from one of our experts, call us!

Preventing the Worst

A fungal infestation on your cannabis can be catastrophic, and in many different ways. One of the most common, and most devastating, is powdery mildew. It’s a white, powdery fungus that spreads spores directly through the air to infect large swathes of plants at once. Mature plants are affected by many other diseases that can spread through the air, though – such as hemp canker, downy mildew, fusarium wilt, gray mold, and pink rot. Seedlings and young plants are in danger of a condition called damping off – where the stem of the plant begins to brown and shrivel, and the whole plant falls over and wilts before it can even grow. This can be caused by a variety of diseases, and scrubbing the air correctly can help prevent an airborne infestation from any of them.

Following Your Plants Through all Stages

From cloning, to seedlings, to mature plants – your cannabis needs protection. The air in each area of your grow facility could be harboring spores, bacteria, and viruses that will endanger your plants. An air purification system will scrub the air in these areas, and can reduce those threats, but to truly eliminate them you need a more powerful system. Installing an AiroClean420 in each growing area doesn’t just reduce the airborne threats  – it destroys them, providing 99.999% pure air to your plants. It creates safe air, and is safe for every stage of growth – but you may wonder, how is it so effective?

Powerful Purification from NASA

The AiroClean420 uses a air purification method called photocatalytic oxidation, or PCO. It prevents cannabis infestation by destroying the organic molecules responsible for spreading fungal, bacterial, and viral diseases. Air passes into the unit’s reaction chamber and over a catalyst bed made of titanium. Specially-made PCO lamps excite the catalyst, and that produces hydroxyl radicals which are bound to the titanium. The hydroxyl radicals react with organic molecules in the air, reducing them to trace elements of carbon dioxide and water vapor. This process leaves only clean air for your plants – producing no harmful emissions. It’s safe for every stage, from seed to bud – and protects your plants 24/7.

Find Your Solution to Cannabis Infestation

Stop infestations in their tracks – prevent airborne fungal, bacterial, and viral threats with AiroClean420. Reach out to learn more about the science and technology behind AiroClean420 today. Soon you’ll discover what it’s like to have your plants protected from start to finish.

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