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Home Growers, Yes, Run The Numbers!

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We encourage you to run the numbers to see if preventing powdery mildew with Airo Home / Hobby is beneficial to your bottom line. You may be surprised at how cost-effective our air purifier is, considering it will last you 8-10 years with proper maintenance. At $995 per unit, it may be considered expensive to some home growers. However, a long term perspective tells a different story. And since our air purifier product is long lasting, the numbers are impressive.

If you regularly grow cannabis at home with 4 – 6 harvests a year, and have had recurring powdery mildew infestations in your home grow, then losing anywhere from ¼ -½ of your crop is feasible. That is a significant amount of lost cannabis over time, not to mention so much time and energy wasted, plus dollars disappeared.

With Airo Home / Hobby, a $995 investment that lasts over 8 years, comes out to $124 a year for the most powerful powdery mildew prevention technology available. That’s less than .35 cents a day. And it is not the kind of technology that requires manpower and tweaking. Functionally it is as simple as turning the machine on and accomplishing some matters of equipment maintenance each year. More on that later.

Home growers should know that commercial cannabis farms across the US and Canada have been using our larger commercial product for several years. Why? Because our technology works extremely effectively. It is only within the past couple years that AiroClean420 has released a unit sized for small grow spaces like grow tents and grow rooms. If you’re an indoor home grower, put modern technology to work in your home grow and reap the benefits like the professionals do.

Like commercial farms, you’ll save so much cannabis, money and time over the long run. You’ll also avoid the headaches of scrambling to fight insidious infestations. No one enjoys removing powdery mildew infected plants, defoliating plants with PM and seeing PM wreak havoc on cannabis. Avoiding this treacherous plant disease is a no-brainer.

By using a unit in your home grow, you should be powdery mildew free in no time. It is ideal to start a new run with the Airo Home / Hobby, instead of starting halfway through a massive infestation. AiroClean420’s Airo Home / Hobby units won’t address any powdery mildew on your plants, as it only cleans the air. When using the Airo Home / Hobby, you still should use your (safe) foliar sprays and control the humidity of your grow space properly. Otherwise, Airo Home / Hobby is the perfect solution to any indoor home grow where powdery mildew infestations have presented.

Having clean purified air in your home grow is a game changer and easy to accomplish.

The electricity to run a unit is minimal at just 100 watts. One is either hung in a grow tent or affixed to hang from the ceiling in the center of a grow room to run 24/7. Each unit will thoroughly clean up to 1200 cubic feet (12 x 10 x 10). Of course, proper use of Airo Home / Hobby is important to keep your grow environment free from powdery mildew.

  • Don’t run outtake exhaust fans 24/7. This practice would only remove the clean purified air from your growing environment. Instead, use exhausts to temporarily regulate temperature or humidity as needed. Remember to keep your clean air around!
  • Do change the internal filter regularly to protect the units catalyst which is responsible for the technology that kills powdery mildew spores and other airborne contaminants on a subatomic level. These filters are only available from AiroClean420. Our AiroClean420 office will remind you so that you don’t forget.
  • Do a yearly change of the internal proprietary bulbs which excite the catalyst. These bulbs must be purchased from AiroClean420.

Don’t let powdery mildew happen in your grow again!

To purchase a unit for your home grow, you may call an AiroClean420 representative at 1-844-247-3913 or visit to order online. Payment plans are available. Our payment plans includes four equal payments of $254. Don’t delay and order yours today!

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