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Grow Tent vs. Open Room

grow room vs grow tent

If you’re a new home grower, you might consider a grow tent vs. open room. Should you build out an open room grow room, or order a grow tent, or both? If you’re a beginner, the answer to the “grow tent vs. open room” showdown should be “it depends.”

There are benefits to having an open room, but don’t let anyone convince you they are absolutely required. Open rooms are not necessary and often not practical for home growers. Open rooms do require more work to set up than a grow tent. Designing grow rooms and building them out are two separate projects. Each takes time. For many people, designing and building out a grow room is a fun and exciting thing to do. So if you’re not feeling excited or even motivated to take it on, then perhaps choosing a grow tent is the best answer for you.

As for growing in tents, don’t let anyone mislead you. You do not need a grow room to grow high quality cannabis. A grow tent is a sufficient place to grow high quality cannabis. With a grow tent, it’s far simpler to set up, and you can put one in practically any room. Plus you can set up a grow tent in a matter of an hour. It’s all relatively easy, but if you have heavy lights, or aren’t very agile yourself, you may need some help getting it set up.

In an open room, hanging lights is one of the more challenging tasks. If you’re thinking of building a grow room, you need some basic DIY hands-on skills to get the job done yourself. If you are not comfortable with tools and some labor, you’ll need to hire a friend or handyman for assistance.

Both open rooms and grow tents can be different sizes. Grow tent sizes range from 2 x 4, 3 x 3, 4 x 4, 5 x 5 to 8 x 8, 10 x 10, 8 x 16, and 10 x 20. On the other hands, grow rooms come in all kinds of unique different sizes and shapes. For example, you could convert a spare bathroom into a grow room utilizing some, not necessarily all, of the bathroom space. Or you could turn any spare bedroom into an open room, utilizing the entire space, or just a portion of it.

If you have an empty bedroom, you can technically maximize the space and build out a grow room with a seperate vegetative space, flowering space, and drying space. If you’re going to keep mother-plants, then you can plan space for them as well. You could even bring in a grow tent for one of these spaces.

Whether or not you build a grow room or set up a grow tent, both environments will benefit from an air cleaning system like Airo Home Hobby. Airo Hobby Hobby can clean a grow space up to 12 x 10 x 10. It works by destroying airborne contaminants like powdery mildew and other plant fungal diseases on a subatomic level. Airo Home Hobby has no harmful side effects and is even listed as an FDA Class II Medical Device. This classification is because the “kill” happens within the bio-conversion reactor bed with zero harmful emissions.

The air cleaning technology that does the “kill” is known as PCO technology. PCO stands for photocatalytic oxidation and is used in several environments that require clean air like hospitals, space craft, dairy manufacturers, and wineries. Over the past several years, PCO technology has also been used in large scale commercial cannabis cultivation across North America by AiroClean420, creators of Airo Home Hobby.

Grow smart and put modern cutting edge technology to work in your indoor home grow with Airo Home Hobby. To purchase a unit for your grow room or grow tent, call a representative at 1-844-247-3913 or order Airo Home Hobby online.

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