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Can you run a humidifier with the Airo Home Hobby Grow Air Purification System?

Can you use a humidifier with Airoclean 420?

Answer: Yes, you can run a humidifier with the Airo Home Unit. Many indoor commercial cannabis cultivation farms run AiroClean420 Commercial Units in unison with humidifiers successfully. You can too in your small grow space.

There are indoor commercial farms that run humidifiers, sometimes 24/7, to raise humidity levels up. Farms often operate AiroClean420 Air Purifiers side by side with large humidifiers in dry climates. This humidity does not promote powdery mildew because their humidity levels are monitored and controlled. Humidity levels are to be properly controlled, because if humidity levels get too high, PM can quickly become a major issue. Reaching the ideal humidity percentage target, be it in the Vegetative, Flower, or Harvest phase, is one of the main goals as a grower.

Powdery mildew is always something to be concerned about in your grow. However there is no reason to be fearful of powdery mildew by generating humidity in your indoor grow space and maintaining proper levels of it.

If you are a hobby grower, home grower or care giver, you likely know how hard it is to prevent and kill powdery mildew. Preparedness is always the first step. That means having an arsenal of foliar sprays on hand that you rotate. As a rule of thumb, you should spray generously on a regular schedule, not under the lights, and not forgetting to drench the branches and stems in addition to the tops and bottoms of the leaves. You may also set up intake fans with HEPA grade filters to bring in fresh air to  prevent powdery mildew. If you do, you mustn’t forget to change the filters regularly.

Is that all you can do to prevent powdery mildew? Not anymore. You can also effectively sanitize and purify the air with AiroClean420’s Air Home Hobby Unit. It has become a staple piece of equipment in commercial cultivation and has only recently become available to the general public in North America this year in 2020.

How does this affect the home grower, hobby grower, or care giver? First of all, the fact that you now have clean air that has been sanitized and purified — is something to stop and think about. Having clean air changes the way you think about air out take / exhaust. The point is — when you have clean air, you want to keep it around, not blow it out. So don’t exhaust the clean air out of your grow space when you are running your Airo Home Unit.

It takes time for an entire room to be completely sanitized, but when it has been, you don’t have to worry about PM spores traveling around your grow space. You still practice foliar sprays, but most indoor commercial cannabis farms use far less foliar sprays after implementing AiroClean420 into their grow.


If the heat of your room is too high and you have to exhaust air out, then consider using a timer on your fan so that you’re only exhausting air out every 10, 20, or 30 minutes, instead of running it non-stop. It can be favorable to grow with state-of-the-art LED lights to lessen the heat output of your grow space from other hotter lights (CMH, HPS). The hotter the light, the greater the chance of high humidity issues. That’s because heat causes water to evaporate faster.

Since maintaining humidity levels is part of your job as an indoor home grower, hobby grower or caregiver, pay attention to your hygrometer’s RH (relative humidity) so you don’t create an atmosphere conducive to powdery mildew. Don’t forget, the number one thing to do to prevent powdery mildew from infiltrating your garden is to purify the air. If you have heard of UV to purify the air, it has limited effectiveness and is not relied upon commercially for air sanitization. Ozone is another method, but is not viable as it emits harmful emissions.

AiroClean420 Home Hobby Grow Air Purificaiton Systems are 100% safe with no harmful emissions and is even listed as an FDA Class II Medical Device.

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