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Why You Must Proactively Kill Botrytis on Cannabis

Kill Botrytis on CannabisBotrytis cinerea, or gray mold, is perhaps best known in the wine world for its ability to wipe out an entire vineyard of grapes in just a few short weeks. Its effects in a cannabis grow room are no less lethal. In fact, botrytis remains one of the biggest threats to the health of your marijuana plants. Understanding why you must proactively kill botrytis on cannabis will help you avoid crop loss in the future.

Why You Must Proactively Kill Botrytis on Cannabis

Botrytis cinerea is characterized by gray, branching mycelia (the fluffy strands of mold you see on plants). These bear a large number of asexual spores that can lie dormant for long periods of time before becoming active and attacking plants. One of the reasons that botrytis is so deadly is that it can survive in an environment over months or even years. Once dispersed throughout your grow room, you may not even know that botrytis is there. However, its mycelia will wait until conditions are right to send their spores to feed off of plants.

By the time you notice mold developing on plants, it is too late. This means that the gray mold has taken hold of plants and is destroying them. Thus, you must proactively kill botrytis on cannabis to protect your crop.

Ways to Kill Botrytis on Cannabis

Botrytis is notoriously tough to kill. Once you have gray mold in your production facility, it can be nearly impossible to eradicate. Certainly most growers will experience significant plant loss before figuring out how to kill botrytis on cannabis. Use of fungicides can be effective, but these must be sprayed in heavy quantities to take effect. Heavy use of fungicides is a turnoff to many buyers of cannabis, particularly medical cannabis users, making this an unattractive option.

Because you cannot see the botrytis spores that are floating through your cannabis growing environment, it is essential to take preventative action to kill botrytis on cannabis before it can even begin to affect plants. The best way to do this is to invest in an air purification system such as AiroClean420. AiroClean420 is a technology developed for NASA to keep fungal spores out of an outer space environment. It works just as well here on Earth, where AiroClean420 remains the best way to protect cannabis plants from fungal threats. By passing air in the ambient environment over a special reactor, AiroClean420 can completely destroy any botrytis spores lingering in your cultivation or drying rooms. Contact us today to talk about how we can help you kill botrytis on cannabis before it decimates your plants.

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