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Bud Washing or Spraying – Is There a Better Way?

Bud Washing or Spraying is There a Better Way

Bud washing can help mitigate some spores of airborne fungus on your plants, and spraying can help prevent fungus from becoming an issue – but there are serious tradeoffs with both. You spend valuable time when you wash or spray, and there’s always the possibility of leaving a harmful residue of pesticides or cleaning solution on your plants. Which of these methods is worth it? And is there a better way to eliminate the risk of airborne threats altogether? It turns out there is! Read all about it below.

Bud Washing Vs. Spraying

Bud washing and spraying with pesticides serve two similar but slightly different purposes. Washing your buds post-harvest can remove some of the particles that may have landed on them during growing. Spraying with pesticides, however, is meant to kill any pathogens on your plants – including fungal spores. Bud washing for something like powdery mildew really only nominally addresses the problem – spores may remain on your product even after a wash. Fungicide might kill what’s on the plant, but it is also likely to leave chemical traces, adding unpleasant smells or flavors to your final product. There is a way to keep airborne threats from getting anywhere near your plants, however – reducing or negating your need to wash or spray.

Your Secret Weapon: Air Purification

Air circulation is key to healthy cannabis – and that makes air purification an important component of any indoor growing operation! Ideally, you’re destroying airborne contaminants before they reach your plants – but some air purification systems are better than others at this task. What you need is a powerful, efficient air purification system, one that’s low maintenance, easy to install, and which produces zero harmful emissions. That way, you won’t have to wash or spray to know your cannabis plants are protected.

AiroClean420 – The Solution to Airborne Contaminants

An effective, advanced, solution is available – AiroClean420. When air in your facility passes through an AiroClean420 unit, more than 99.9999% of the airborne organic compounds within are oxidized and destroyed. It’s thanks to the photocatalytic oxidation (PCO) technology. Using high-intensity PCO lamps and a powerful catalyst, the AiroClean420 doesn’t just filter the air – it sanitizes it and circulates only clean air throughout your facility.

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This solution is so simple – and it can completely change your indoor cannabis grow! Reduce or eliminate your dependence on pesticides, and remove the need to wash your cannabis buds. Learn more about AiroClean420 here, and then contact us to talk about how we can outfit your facility with powerful air purification.

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