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Cannabis Air Purification – What is That?

A vital component to growing high quality cannabis is the marijuana plants’ environment. The soil, light, temperature and more all contribute to how cannabis grows. The air your plants cultivate in is one of the biggest factors in growing a clean product. So what is cannabis air purification and why is it important for your grow facility? With thousands of units in operation, our experience and expertise can explain.

What is Cannabis Air Purification?

Simply put, cannabis air purification is the removal of airborne threats in your grow facility to provide clean air for your plants to grow. Through our patented bio-conversion reactor bed, airborne pathogens and VOCs are continually processed. This includes the elimination of powdery mildew, mold, bacteria, allergens, viruses, odors and more.

What happens to all the threats? Our technology Developed for NASA mineralizes them. The air leaving our air purification unit is 99.999987% contaminant free. Purification means your AiroClean420 unit pushes pure air to your plants. It also means there are no emissions or ozone from our units circulating into your facility. This keeps your plants and employees safe and your facility compliant.

Why Is It Important?

Air sanitation for your plants is extremely important in order to stop powdery mildew and other plant diseases from destroying your cannabis crop. By removing airborne threats without harsh chemicals, you ensure your crop will be vibrant and compliant with grow regulations.

Powdery mildew spores land, infect and spread quickly on marijuana plants. Prevention is key to keeping it off your cannabis crops. If infected, fungal plant diseases can cause your cannabis to rot or, in worse cases, cause illnesses in your customers. Lost crops can cost you profits and customers, so having an Airoclean420 unit as a trusted air purification system that works continuously will help your business significantly.

How Can You Purify Your Air?

Our systems have continuously helped cannabis growers stop powdery mildew and provide purified air to their plants. It is simple to install, requires minimal maintenance, and runs 24/7 to destroy airborne threats.

Many other air filters and surface cleaners produce ozone emissions or other gasses harmful to your plants, both our commercial air sanitation unit and home grow unit operate without producing any emissions or ozone. With over several thousand AiroClean420 units in operation, our system is proven to help your cannabis growth.

Whether you’re operating commercial cannabis grow facility or have a small grow room, we’ve developed an affordable air sanitation solution for you. Find your best fit by using our online unit calculator, and get a free proposal. See how we can make our cannabis air purification system work for you!

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