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Growing Without Pesticides – Protect Your Cannabis

Growing without pesticides protect your cannabis

When growing cannabis naturally, you will most definitely consider growing without pesticides. An indoor grow can often be your best bet, but even indoors there are fungal and microbial threats to watch out for – and without pesticides they become even more dangerous to your cannabis crops. To help protect your facility – without harmful chemicals or omissions – AiroClean420 is exactly what you’re searching for. Read on and see how this technology Developed for NASA can protect your natural, organic cannabis.

A Natural Alternative to Pesticides for Cannabis

Without pesticides, your plants could be wide open to fungal infection. A major transmission vector is the air around your crops. Air purification is crucial for naturally protecting organically-grown cannabis, but not all air purification is made the same. Filtration can be expensive, work-intensive, and, in many cases, not that effective. AiroClean420 provides a better way to take advantage of the natural protection of air purification.

technology Developed for NASA, Natural Protection

AiroClean420 uses the power of photocatalytic oxidation (PCO) to protect your crops. PCO is a simple yet powerful process that cuts down on maintenance time and cost, and keeps the air in your facility pure and clean – without harmful emissions of any kind.

It all takes place in the unit’s sealed reaction chamber. Air containing contaminants like fungal spores, microbes, and viruses passes over the catalyst. As air moves through the chamber, proprietary high-intensity PCO lamps activate the catalyst, destroying the contaminants. Only pure, clean air exits the unit and circulates throughout your facility.

Protect Your Pesticide-Free Cannabis

So, without pesticides, fumigants, or any harmful gasses, you can protect your organic cannabis. Maintenance is simple. The AiroClean420 produces no dangerous emissions, and it’s safe to run 24/7 – keeping your air purified and protected year-round.

Discover the Natural Solution

Don’t leave it up to chance. Protect your organic cannabis without pesticides. Get a free proposal and find out how AiroClean420 can protect your facility. Powdery mildew, mold, fungus, and other threats don’t stand a chance when you purify the air in your grow with AiroClean420, learn more today.

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