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Powerful Protection For Marijuana

When it comes to growing cannabis indoors, air quality remains an important component in cultivating a high quality product. One way to gain powerful protection for marijuana is by implementing an effective air purification system like AiroClean420. 

Powerful Protection Through Air Purification

Thousands of AiroClean420 air purification units are currently in operation, and through the success commercial growers have seen in their air quality by installing our system, we’ve scaled our technology down to benefit smaller cannabis grow spaces. Home growers and hobbyists also have a need to get rid of powdery mildew during flowering and all other stages of growth. Powerful protection for marijuana against powdery mildew, mold and other VOCs can be achieved through our air purification.

Powdery mildew, no matter the size of a grow space, can cause devastation to your cannabis crop. Air purification from AiroClean420 stops powdery mildew in the air before it lands and infects your plants. What’s more, our patented and proven system destroys airborne threats like mold, bacteria, VOCs and other pathogens. It turns them into trace amounts of carbon dioxide and water vapor. The air from our unit is 99.9999% free of airborne threats which leave your indoor grow space with clean air and vibrant marijuana plants.

Risk-Free Protection

Not only do you eliminate airborne risks and threats with our powerful air purification, but there are NO EMISSIONS, harmful gasses, chemicals or ozone emitted from AiroClean420 air sanitation units. With no risk of failing compliance testing and no risk of fungal spores killing your cannabis plants, you can protect your marijuana and your business with one cost-efficient and energy-saving solution.

Ozone, harsh chemicals and plant diseases like powdery mildew or blight are highly harmful to humans. Fatigue, respiratory complications and sickness can result from growing unprotected marijuana. AiroClean420 provides pure air through a system that works on a stronger level than basic air filters. Our technology removes risks and serves to improve all aspects of your cannabis.

Efficiency is Key

We pride ourselves in offering energy-efficient and cost-effective solution for cannabis air purification. Our Home / Hobby unit, selling for under $900, benefits rooms up to 1,200 cubic feet, and multiple units can be used for larger spaces. Our commercial unit keeps large indoor cannabis spaces void of powdery mildew and airborne threats. Both are easily installed, require minimal maintenance and run 24/7. 

With AiroClean420’s powerful protection for marijuana, growers continue to notice improvement in their facility’s air quality and end product. There are no strings attached when you get a free facility proposal from our experts. It’s as simple as using our online calculator to see how our air purification units can benefit your grow space. 

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