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Affordable Cannabis Air Purification

Growing cannabis indoors, whether at home or in a small grow room, requires air purification as a top priority. Cannabis air purification keeps your plants healthy and protected against powdery mildew. Chemicals are harsh on plants, other sanitation systems can emit harmful gasses and air filters don’t work. Fortunately, our Airo Home / Hobby unit is your one affordable cannabis air purification solution.

How Does It Work

Though your grow space may be smaller, the air quality is vital to how your plants grow and produce buds. Cannabis air purification, with our proven technology Developed for NASA, pushes air through a bio-conversion reactor bed. From there, airborne pathogens, powdery mildew and VOCs are eliminated.

Our patented system mineralizes threats, resulting in 99.999987% contaminant-free air. The Airo Home / Hobby system is scaled down from our commercial system, AiroClean420. Our patented technology benefits both small rooms and large grow facilities by removing airborne threats and keeping powdery mildew off marijuana plants.

Why Airo Home / Hobby

To get rid of powdery mildew and keep it off your buds, you need powerful air purification to protect your plants. With thousands of units in operation, growers trust our system to keep plants healthy with no emissions, no harsh chemicals and no filters to change. 

Home growers and hobbyists can easily install our powerful purification system. It weighs only 18 pounds, and it works to purify your grow space’s air 24/7 without fail. Growers can purchase Airo Home / Hobby online as well. At just under $900, Airo Home / Hobby offers affordable cannabis air purification you need.

Where Do You Start

Our experts always recommend calculating your grow space in order to properly protect the plants in it. Start by measuring your facility, then use our convenient calculator, select your air purification product and buy online! 

It’s a simple, secure way to ensure your plants are protected against powdery mildew, mold, viruses, bacteria, and other VOCs. Keep your cannabis thriving, save money and rest assured that our system works around the clock for healthy marijuana growth. 

When you purify and enhance your grow facility’s air quality, you will be astonished by the cleanliness and vibrancy your cannabis plants obtain. Save time, money and your plants with our affordable cannabis air purification unit.

Ready to Stop Powdery Mildew?

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