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Steps to Avoid Bud Rot

Steps to Avoid Bud Rot

After months of hard work you have put forth into growing your cannabis plant, there is nothing more heartbreaking than discovering the presence of mold. Bud rot, or botrytis, can be hard to identify but by following these tips, you’ll be able to keep your plants healthy.

What is bud rot?

Bud rot is a type of fungal infection that often affects wine grapes but has become known to affect plants as well. On cannabis, bud rot can lead to something known as gray mold, which is named after the gray powdery filaments that develop on the plants, destroying the leaves, stems, or roots.

What does bud rot look like and how do I know if my plants have it?

As mentioned above, bud rot appears as a gray, powdery mold. It first forms as a white color but then quickly darkens to gray. Because these spores are airborne, they spread quickly but can also be spread by water.

The first sign of bud rot is typically a lone leaf from the kola beginning to dry up. This can be spotted by bending the bigger kola just a bit to see the inside of the bud and the stem. Once you see the mold, your plants have been infected.

How Can I Prevent Bud Rot?

Ideally, you will want to put a practice in place that can stop these airborne infections from attacking your plants. Prevention of bud rot will be more effective than trying to reverse it. 

One of the best ways to stop airborne infestations is to invest in a safe and effective air purification system, such as AiroCleanTM420. The technology used in our air purification products is the same that NASA uses to sterilize the air in the space station. Our technology captures botrytis spores and neutralizes them before they reach your plants. Unlike a fan or a HEPA filter, AiroCleanTM420 stops spores at their source and protects your plants through their harvest.

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