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Identifying Different Types of Mold on Cannabis

Identifying Different Types of Mold on Cannabis

As a grower, you patiently look forward to a good crop. A lot of time and effort goes into your crop, so, it’s understandable that you’d want everything to go right. But did you know there are thousands of species of molds and mildews that can wreak havoc on your yield? Here’s how to identify the enemy so you can stop it in its tracks.

Moldy Cannabis: What to Look For

When growing cannabis, it’s vitally important to look for mold. Moldy cannabis can be harmful when inhaled into the lungs. It can cause infection or allergic reactions and can be especially dangerous for users with compromised immune systems.

Moldy cannabis will usually show up as white, fuzzy hairs. However, those fuzzy hairs can also be brown, black, or grayish. The darker colors may also indicate bud rot, a type of mold called ‘botrytis.’ But keep in mind, if you’re new to growing, it can be easy to mistake mold for trichomes.

Trichomes vs. Mold

Trichomes are shiny crystals on leaves and buds that account for the smell of cannabis. Like mold, they can look like little hairs. However, while trichomes have a glittering quality, mold has more of a powdery appearance. In addition, it has a very distinct odor, smelling musty and often hay-like. In fact, you may smell mold before you see it.

What Causes It and Can I Remove It?

Light, humidity, oxygen levels, and temperature all play a part in mold growth. For example, over-watering or growing in too humid an environment can invite mold. And if temperatures are too low, moisture increases and creates a perfect home for it. 

Once mold develops it becomes airborne, sending spores into the environment. These spores can then land on other plants and may eventually infect your crop. Air quality is an important factor when growing.

Can you remove it? Unfortunately, no. As a grower, you may be tempted to cut off moldy bits on your plants in an attempt to save them. Not a good idea. If you can see it on your plants, it’s already in there. Best to throw it away and avoid harm to your system.

Keeping Your Cannabis Plants Healthy and Stopping Mold

In order to keep your plants as healthy as possible you first need to keep their environment healthy. Prevention is key. And, one of the best ways to prevent mold and bud rot is with an effective air purification system.

AiroClean420 is the perfect solution. The technology used in our air purification products is the same that NASA uses on the International Space Station. In fact, air processed through the AiroClean420 is 99.99% pure. Why not surround your plants with pure air and protect them from mold spores? Improve your yield with AiroClean420.

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